Reshma and Taipei

Why can't this beautiful girl be reason enough for me to live...?

Broken Systems When Separated

Does it happen to you? Lateral movements digging deeper, seizing, arresting, creating heart attacks.

Like Well-cooked Mushrooms

Then we drenched in rain. Then I said good bye. Then I drenched even more. Walking in Beijing never felt more earthy.


Heavy heart. Price one pays for not having two bodies.

The Swing Station

Is now the time
To graduate,
From life to death?

... and the rest

If You Read Anything on the Internet, Read This

“…And before I had time to look round I had adopted the views on life of the set of authors I had come among, and these views completely obliterated all my former strivings to improve. Those views furnished...

Major Tammy Duckworth

Most of us, when overcome by feelings of disconnectedness from our surroundings, experience a sense of inner agitation, which is not that different from the experience of being a stranger.

Need: Indian Language minus Movie Tropes

Thursday, April 30, 2015, 6:37pm What makes it possible that Dickens can write about city’s vagabond children and it infuses us with emotion, that Trollope can write about societies in church, novelizing them, and...