Lifecycle on Slack, Across the Timezones

A: So, tell me.
B: It goes like this.

See, see, see?
The green light came on
The “Active” light came on
My gypsy came on
Rational doesn’t know she is cross with me
Reason doesn’t know she is fed with up with me
Heart just knows she is just there
I go to sleep with hope for “Active”
I wake up from sleep with a wish for the green gypsy

A: “And then?”

B: And then,
When night and day
Separated us
Our whispers came together
Crawling into each other’s bed
Or was it my bed, and your chair?
And then…

A: “And then?”

And then your hand reached
Through static and dynamic banners
Over noise-less binary symmetric channels
Under her skirt that sat on
The pile of printed emails
The smeared sharper images,
On the stained whispers
Of the sweet sticky secrets
Of the nights and days,
Of sun and snow
Your sun, my snow
Or was it my sun, your snow?
And then…

A: “And then?”

Fiddled, fumbled and fidgeted
And then…

A: “And then?”

And then, suddenly
Gypsy walked away,
Wishing me “have a good life”

A: “And then?”

So I order a replacement heart
And go back to my Waterman, to my Brother

What a strange brew,
This blogosphere is!
Littered, strewn
With permanent
Links to our heartaches

A: “And…?”

And with trackbacks like you
To keep them wounds fresh

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