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On "All Things Unforgiven"

Foreword Reviews “All Things Unforgiven”

Reviewed by Michelle Anne Schingler Descriptions of violence have a tactile quality and stay with the reader into following scenes; the hectic love in Arya’s family is as lastingly conveyed. The debut novel from Raj...

From The Notes

Some essays appeal to the literary critics and some other essays appeal to the artist. Saying it is not taking anything away from the critic, but it’s a different kind of pulsation. For example, when you read War and...

“Gradual Process of Enrichment”

I wrote down that phrase, “gradual process of enrichment,” in my notes on June 27, 2003 in quotation marks, forgetting to write down where I copied it from. Dad had passed away a few months earlier. That was...

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Why A New Publishing Company?

Saaranga Books.
“Perhaps being in one’s own homeland shapes everything. By this I mean that being an immigrant also shapes everything.”
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Need: Indian Language minus Movie Tropes

Thursday, April 30, 2015, 6:37pm What makes it possible that Dickens can write about city’s vagabond children and it infuses us with emotion, that Trollope can write about societies in church, novelizing them, and...

Major Tammy Duckworth

Most of us, when overcome by feelings of disconnectedness from our surroundings, experience a sense of inner agitation, which is not that different from the experience of being a stranger.

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