B, Imagining You With Your B.

“Mom, I love you!”
Saying such things
You tried to sneak out

I grabbed you
By your tiny shoulder,
Already turned
Already on its way out
Sit you on your chair
“You must still eat your cereal!”
Hiding my laughter
Showing my smile

And now I tell him
Yes, him who is crazy about me
What you and I did
Yes, I who is crazy about you

I tell him how we spend our afternoons
He asks me, “Do you remember?”
“The Peet’s Coffee place?”
“The bell we heard at the train tracks?”
Almost reaching to hold my hand

Over the wireless static
We hear a muffled sigh
Was it mine, or was it his?
Or was it the butterflies
In our stomachs?

We love one another
Still the same,
Unseen, unsaid, shut out from each other
He wants to kiss me
To make me some coffee
Sit by my side
Squeeze my shoulder
May be I should let him?
After all
Isn’t he my husband?

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