She starts with S

I am logging off,
Signing off,
Booting off,
Turning off,
Starting off,
Going off,
And zooming off…
All these offs
Just to land in your heart…sigh!

You, my friend,
Need to listen to my advice
And get away from married women,
You already landed in my heart
A long time ago.
Lodged in there like a thorn.
But I can’t pull it out…sigh!

My heart double-clocked
  at your footstep
My feelings softened
  in your presence
My words said you and I are equal
  a lot, all by myself

And you, hearing me, put me in the S lane
Leaving me empty, shameful,
And disgraced, all by myself

And so, realizing, all by myself
  That I am without the 21st century skillset
Of knowing what is reason
  And what is emotion
Went off and labeled myself
  With all the Silence you gave me
In blackwork style, like your heartless heart

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