Broken begins with a B

Suddenly awake, head flooded with
A painful “thud” that made me cringe in pain.
Stupid alarm radio. Always does that.
It began its song already, ignoring me.

Sleep. It never comes to me free of images.
Now with your face. Close to my face.
A splintered frown in your expression.
“Have a good life.”

A surround sound shriek in my innards.
Heart pumping fast.
Lips dry. Body shaking, crazyfingers shaking.
Re-experiencing the pain.
When you hurl words at someone they come back to you
As little messengers of love that was not there.

This life will be what it has always been.
A craving for a change.
A yearning to give myself over.
An old longing to live in this world
As a man lives in a village.

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