Fat Raindrop, and a Girl Who Drowned

Look ma, he is here
He saw me
And said, “She is here!”

In the afternoon
Outside the glass window
Fat raindrops make love
While the green banana leaf
Perspiring, swayed heavily,
And sideways glanced heartily
At the purple flower

Under the covers
He smiled,
Begged to die,
Not an artificial death
But a natural death
In my arms
While I am still…content.

Should I let him?

Gusty wind, ruddy rain
Dance and intertwine outside
While we,
The He and The Only She
Find kindness in love
Eagerly inside.
(When the fat raindrop is hungry,
Sweating, thirsty,
What would it drink?)

In the evening
On the phone
He said he pinched himself
Still in disbelief
That he is my husband
“Really, REALLY…!” he said.
“Really, really, REALLY?”
I said to him to stop blushing
And I whispered:
“Have you noticed?
How I never address you
By your name?
Just like women of previous generation?”
God, how happy he was…!

Featured image: Ida Reading a Letter by Vilhelm Hammershoi, WikiArt.org

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