You Dheel, I Kheench, Where Does This End?

Now the sun breaks for you,
Now the morning shines for you,
How put together you are!

Now stand before the mirror,
Now look into the mirror,
How made for each other you are!

Now look into your heart,
Now feel that?
There, that, yes, THAT!
That tug you felt just now,
Is my heart string pulling your heart string

Or so I imagine.

We are like two kites,
Forever entangled,
Now dheel, now kheench
Any which way,
All tangled up


You get to
Shriek with delight, “KaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAT!”
And I get to

Looking once in a while
Over my shoulder
Just to make sure
You are alright

Are you alright?
Give me a sign
A signal

Green or Red.

Any one would do
I am. As always,
Ecstatic as me, but
Not fantastic as you

/* ]]> */