Heartless, Stubborn, Impossible, Difficult

Did she talk to you yesterday? No
The day before? No
Two days ago? No
Seven days ago?
Maybe. I don’t remember.
I was only thinking she forgot me.

Then, what happened today? Don’t know.
Felt like saying something
To alienate her.
Felt like squeezing her heart
Real hard.
Till her knuckles go white.
Till she bites her lips.
Till she sends me an SMS
“Don’t ever say that to me again, ok?”

That, is what happened today.

I was only thinking
She forgot me.
Seven days ago.
Two days ago.
The day before.
Until today,
When she remembered me.
With a smile.

So there I go again,
Hungry again,
Thirsty again.

Featured image: Shalibunda library, where I discovered Premchand.

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