Boomerang, or Remembering Our Internet Affair

Now suddenly, a song, and a picture
Overwhelm me, like a deluge of rushing blood
(You used to say “Dear Horsie…”)

Now crazily that boomerang, that crazy red light
That crazy Arial font, and that hazy midnight oil
That black Audi, that red Audi, we were once in
Horsing through America
All swipe me

Out of nowhere
The memory palace broke open its doors
Re-collections overcome me
I long for your longing
Not rational, reasonable, maybe artificial
Longing for that longitude
That runs through you, through your old soul

And look how, with that hidden eagerness
My heart looks for you
I don’t care about love, shlove
I just want you to be here,
Sit next to me
Be with me
Put your legs on me
While I make
Private five-year plans
With your heart

And so this poem ends
Like my pedantic poems
Unlike your fantastic ones

Featured image: Gypsy with a Cigarette by Edouard Manet (c.1862),

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