Fast Love, Like the Colors of Gajanana Stores Sarees

And now it is time to stop dreaming,
Seems such a juvenile state of mind.
And now I wake up next to you,
And not even opening our eyes,
We slide into a warm embrace.
And begin to make fat raindrops.

Stars. Analogies for spaces that we probed
Between us silently,
Half in sleep, half in love,
Half awake, half in you, half in me,
Half turned away, half turned in,
Half kisses, half embraces,
Half sheets covering half man,
Half woman.

And after love,
I become half woman, half you,
So I can go with you to
All the forbidden regions
Where woman are allowed
But men are not…

Mumble in sleepy state
That our love is fast
Like the colors of
Gajanana Stores sarees.
Not to fade, not to jade
Only leave
Stretch marks
For us to kiss.

Two sarees? Or only one?

Featured image: The Red Shawl by Iosif Iser,

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