Wish I were your Talat Mahmood

“So, have you called that someone yet?”
You asked, dressing me down
Hiding your laughter
Amma, this is for you

I listen to this song,
Remembering your laughter
Remembering how your body shook
As you stood laughing, nearly doubling down
Holding our gray rusted bed stand,
Almost getting up
Almost falling over
Giving up, sitting back again
Unable to contain laughter
Waving your hands to stop
And even a mere nudge
Would plunge you back into
Holding your stomach
Is this you, Amma?

Yesterday, when we were talking
Did your heart strain?
Did it ache?
Let’s call this our song
Your Talat Mahmood
My B.

Wish I were your Talat Mahmood
Just for once,
Kindle your dreams again
Kiss you
Till you are young again
Miss you
Till I am old again
Again and again and again
Until the shattered prism
Is put back again
Until that fleeting moment
When you are my child again

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