Talking self (that keeps talking)

When you can’t get even a measly word of reply out of her, no matter how you try, keep this in mind.

When you hear the morning sparrow chirp,
Remember it is she, making vows never to talk to you.

  Yes, yes indeed,
  That she is an old soul I keep muddling,
  That she is in love I keep forgetting,
  That she too is mourning her heart I keep ignoring.

REASON: So you realize that?


  Her beautiful woman’s body
  That talks to me
  Her legendary voice
  That listens to me

  You see, I want to be with her
  Like there is no tomorrow
  For me.

  First I mused
  Her giving

  Then I bruised
  Her giving

  In my muses
  In my bruises
  It was like there was no tomorrow
  For her

REASON: Is this any way to love her? Get a hold of yourself.

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