A Kashmiri Girl and Her Child

In her river
There was no peace.

For 15 hours
The fish in her child

For 15 hours
She pleaded him to
“Please!” stop.

On the shore,
Sitting next to her,
I muttered in myself
Thankfuls of gratitude,
For her kindness.

When we landed,
As I grabbed my bag,
The child asked if
“I will be back in 5 minutes?”
Instantly throwing me in my own river,
(Did I not also ask the same,
And waited for a life time?)

I rushed to say, “No, no, not in 5 minutes,”
And walked away,
Careful not to lie,
Careful not to look at her face,
Already falling in love.

Featured image: Melancholic, by Paul Gauguin. Wikiart.org.

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