Rhino Memories

I am remembering this.

You and I very early days. Walking after dinner late night in Beijing. It rained earlier.

I think some young people were walking in front of us. We both were avoiding puddles, and talking. I said to you maybe they think we are a couple.

I think at the restaurant you ordered boiled fish. First time I ate that dish. I think at that time we both were just falling in love. I didn’t say it to you and knew that you wanted me to say it.

How life was during those days. Everyone, everything, all the memories, all my wishes, tears, and all the pain were mixed in my heart as we both walked that night, and on many such days and nights and months and years I lived. No one gets out of my heart. Everyone gets my love, making me feel heavy. I need it that way. I can only live that way.

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