If You Let Yourself Go Fat

If you let yourself go fat,
and a bit of you begins to be
amused by the world’s tantrums,

And another bit of you is a witness
to this amused you but in a passing way,
then, my friend, there’s hope for you.

All this means you have seized on
to the way of life that does not fall
in the allure of the svelte body
toned, and attuned to fashion.

This in turn means there’s a bit of you
that did not lose its inward glance,
and there’s a bit of you that declines
to ignore the time passed.

And a bit of you that begins to soften
at the innocence that is the true nature
of these fashionable trends,

And the same bit of you sees
that it is your own ignorance
that made this innocence into a
lifestyle of ignorance.

Now gather all these bits of you
and see them not one by one
but altogether in a single view.

In that view you will see
a path open up that leads you
through the thick and thin
and the increasing din of your tomorrow

A path toward a habit, an outlook
a language, a discipline,
a method, an attitude,

And a sense of commitment
that gives you depth.

Of what this depth consist of,
and where it leads to,
it is for you to find out.

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