A Letter To My Autobiographer

See see see, I am here, right here you see. First you turned me on. Turned me like a marble, from words of garble. Round and round in your fingers, round and round in your head.

Only a first draft
You said,
Wait till the second draft
You said,

Now you say “there is too much of you,” and you say “there is too little of me.” Now you scratch me, now you bench me.

Oh, be that way
Fine by me
Release me

It is raining outside
The girl with covered hands
Is waiting outside

So I go
From your story
To her children’s story
She has a turtle, a rabbit, a donkey. And a monkey. And a heart as big as a lion, as tender as an elephant’s. And she has a swallow.
Swallow, swallow meeee…

Now I fly
Over your house
Near your window

See see see, I am here, right here you see.

Another favorite from the vault of my crazy yester years. Brushed up, spruced up and made sure not messed up.

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