What Happens When a Man–a Writer–Falls in Love With a Woman On the Internet?

When night and day
Separated us
Our whispers came together
Crawling into each other’s bed
Or was it my bed, and your chair?

And then…
“And then?”

And then your hand reached
Through static and dynamic banners
Over noise-less
Binary symmetric channels

Under the skirt that lay
On the pile of letters
The sharper images,
On the whispers
The sweet secrets,
And the sticky goodbyes
Of nights and days,

And then…
“And then?”

First we fiddled,
Then I fumbled
And you fidgeted

And then…
“And then?”

And then, suddenly

So now I go back,
To my waterman, to my brother

What a strange brew,
This blogosphere is…!
Littered with
Permanent links
To our heartaches

And strewn with no-reply trackbacks
That make a pedantic me
Not fantastic as you

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