Lifecycle of Love

There was a time,
Two sisters enquired about you.
Two brothers joked,
Made my face flush.
A mother and a father,
Anxiously asked for your name

But I, I only loved with possession,
Groped between your breasts,
Pushing them away, looking for the heart,
Forgetting myself, and my manners

Kept awake by your self-consciousness,
I tried to cling onto your heart,
Tried to fill those self-conscious spaces

Wondering what manner of love is this,
I suckle your breast like a child
And make love to you like a man

And then,

What an in-between world is this
Not yet a child in you,
No longer only your man

Eagerly waiting, will I be a boy or a girl?
I giggle hard, kick hard,
Roll over hard, laughing hard,
While you, palms on your stomach
Say you never had it so hard,
And swear, “What manner of love this is…!
No more, no no no, no more!”

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