Good Openings #6

“Stuck with an old spouse? Here’s what you do. There are ways you can punish her. No, she will never be able to pin it on you. It’ll be up and up, as they say. What? You don’t know what is up and up? I mean it’ll be all legal, nothing law-breaking or anything.

“You break her in five, six, or even, oh gosh, I can think of at least fifteen ways you can break her! Funny, I am getting all these new ideas talking to you girls. You see, you start real simple, real gentle.”

They sat motionless, their eyes and ears riveted to him.

An occasional series where I post an original story opening—short, emotional, and complete with intrigue. Use these to unblock your writing. For a deck of 52 cards with these openings, click here. 

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