This is You, Seeing Me

(On stage, she is sitting crouched, lamenting, wailing and cursing Death who is standing quietly, about five feet in front of her, with its back to her.)
If you are so focused on not seeing me
What is this urge in me then
To make you feel what I feel

You must see someone else
As I see you in my crush
You must love someone else
As I think I love you,

Do I make you feel dishonorable
Or is it loyalty to your present love?
(At these words Death, taking a sudden deep breath, appeared to turn towards her, but held itself motionless. It was evident it is having a difficult time controlling itself.)

(She kept staring at her own hands, her voice now quieter, deeper, heavy with anguish)
Don’t you see me at this hour, everyday,
Saying your ordinary things are my extraordinary things,
Sharing secretly with you my weakest self?
Then why do you keep me,
Between your ignorings and uncarings,
Why won’t you release me
What more do you want?
(Then she became quiet. Death stood still as before. A few moments passed. Then at the sound of the bell that rang abruptly and loudly, the viewer rose, closed the laptop screen, on which the stage scene was being played, and stood up. Until tomorrow.)

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