Let Me Begin By Making You a Woman Again

Let me begin by making you a woman again
And tell you who you actually are
Beneath the snow of indifference that piled up on you
And made you stop feeling womanly.

When you speak on the phone,
Your voice goes inside me
And fills me with a quiet charge

When you laugh, with that self-deprecating humor of yours
You ignite that powder keg you just deposited in me
And I pace restlessly in the room

Your eyes, your jaw, your neck,
Your waist, and all your forbidden spaces
Now suddenly make me shy and blush

Remembering the times when you
Made love to me, as only you have,
Owning my body, my muscles
My shoulders and my confidence
And rightfully so.

Now take my hand,
Feel its warmth
Feel its eagerness
Feel all its crazy fingers
Feel you melting in them

And then?

And then stop feeling
And stay suspended on the edge
As long as I let you
Until I command you
Follow my lead
Like the woman that I made you

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